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Started off as:

A small cannabis extract company with a few products in the CBD space

We provided:

  • Branding

  • Packaging

  • Web Design

Ended up as:

Fully Realized, minimalist brand, with a wide array of products.

In a market oversaturated with messaging about benefits and complex science, we found it important to deliver a visual language that conveys the same sense of calm and relaxation that are common synonyms for the effect from the use of broad and full spectrum CBD oils. A contemporary, clean, and polished look is intended to give a feeling of no-nonsense transparency, trust, and quality that Veggimins truly embodies. A metallic sheen on comfy pastel colors, easy to read bodies of text, a simple and uncomplex grid system all fall in line with our vision for this brand.  
Veggimins Logo
Veggimins secondary

Package Design For Chocolate and CBD

Chocolate Packaging
Veggimins Hearts
Veggimins Labels
Veggimins CBD