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2003 to 2006

Delicious Design League started as a screenprinted rock poster hobby in 2003. Billy Baumann, (DDL’s future creative director), needed a poster for his new band’s first show at the historic Fireside Bowl in Chicago. So, he designed one — not a very good one, but it was the start of something pretty special. He jokingly signed his name as “Delicious” on the posters and despite it being a ridiculous moniker, it stuck.

Story 1 Jason and Billy

2006 to 2008

People took notice of Billy’s first posters and it led to doing posters for other bands and clubs in Chicago. At the beginning of 2006 Billy had built enough momentum to try to make this hobby something more and so he he approached Jason Teegarden-Downs to help him manage and grow his hobby into a real business. They then coined themselves as the Delicious Design League — which is only a slightly less ridiculous name. For the next two years, DDL was a “nights-and-weekends” business while Billy and Jason still held down their day jobs.

Story 2 Early Screen Printing

2008 to 2015

In 2008, Jason and Billy were able to focus on Delicious Design League as their full time career.  They spent these next years continuing to do rock posters –– but also expanding into illustration, branding, web design, packaging, and more. They would use their posters as giant calling cards to open doors for them and get them recognition in the wider world of design. In 2009 they also rented their first design studio and were able to move out of Jason’s basement studio. They also added interns and employees, designers, project managers, and screenprinters to the League during this time.

Story 3 Printshop

2015 to 2020

In 2015 they made another upgrade to their studio situation by acquiring a space in the heart of Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood located right under the “L”. This was a period of growth where DDL focused on building their branding and packaging services while the poster shop transitioned into a print services company that was separate from their design services. DDL also realized during this time that their focus is best suited for small businesses and non-for-profits, because it is there where they can make a difference and build long-term relationships.

Story 4 The L

2020 to Present

Like many companies, Covid ushered in a lot of changes at DDL. They moved the print shop to its own industrial studio where it has flourished and grown immensely, while the design studio transitioned to working remotely which allowed them to be more flexible. DDL looks forward to this new era where they continue to build strong relationships with new clients and continue to grow with their long-term partnerships while still maintaining their rock poster roots and fearlessness that started it all. Design Bravely.

Story 5 Design Bravely