Tasty Yummies

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Started off as:

Online content creator and therapist with a passion for food.

We provided:

  • Branding

  • Packaging

  • Web Design

Ended up as:

360º nutritional therapy.

Tasty Yummies was a unique opportunity for us. The owner, Beth Manos-Brickey, has a thriving online nutritional therapy business with a large following. We worked with her in creating an updated logo and brand look for her first proprietary line of food products, which includes chocolate bars and raw ingredients. We developed a look that was feminine, friendly, and luxurious, but approachable. We created patterns that were inspired by mandalas, and used metallic gold ink to give her packaging an upscale feel. The colors are calming and gentle, just like the custom script logotype we created. Everything works together in harmony to create balance, which is a reflection of Beth's overall brand ethos.
Tasty Yummies Logo


Tasty Yummies Pattern

CBD Tintures

Tasty Yummies CBD Packaging Grid

Chocolate Bars

Tasty Yummies Chocolate Bar Packaging
Product Shot 1

Raw Ingredients

Product Shot 2