Minor Details

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Started off as:

A drive to give kids comfy clothes.

We provided:

  • Branding

  • Web Design

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Marketing Strategy

Ended up as:

A quirky fashion line for kids who appreciate comfort.

Details are important, and there are a lot of minor things about most clothes that bother some kids. Seams, tags, and certain fabrics can be a major annoyance. Minor Details set out to give children clothing that is comfortable and eclectic. The client wanted maximalist, so we put together a brand for them that would complement the brightly-colored, highly-patterned designs of the clothing they make. It uses unobtrusive colors and integrates patterns and textures designed by hand by young artists. The logo is hand-lettered and bouncy. The brand typeface has a lot of character. The whole thing adds up to a unique look that fits a unique company.
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The Logo

Minor Details Logo Expanded

Textures and Illustrations by Young Artists

Minor Details Texture 1
Minor Details Texture 2

A Sensory Friendly Clothing line

Minor Details Clothes
Minor Details Bum Bag

The Commerce Website Design

Minor Details Website