FILM poster showing large eye wide with fear
Belle & Sebastian poster boy and dog running to go and fish
Man or Astro-man poster showing astronaut exploring barren alien planet

What is a Delicious Design League?

Simply put, we are a Chicago-based design studio specializing in illustration, web and print. Ok, so maybe that’s not so simple. But who we are is more important. Delicious Design League is a passionate group of people, creating the best work we can for our clients and ourselves. For us, “Just good enough” is never good enough.

Newest Releases

Sleeping Beauty Disney poster split fountain dragon type design art print poster

We were pretty pleased to be part of Mondo's Disney show, and create our first Disney print. We were even more pleased to be making a Sleeping Beauty poster.

Skrillex poster gig art print seven lions etnik screen print split fountain skull face

What does the music of Skrillex look like as the sound waves reach your ears, the vibrations delivered to your nervous system, and impulses rush straight to your brain?

Houndmouth Willie Watson Space Evanston Poster Gig Art Print Screen Cowboy Wild West windmill third eye

What says Americana better than the Amish NSA? Almost certainly nothing. Beware the man smoking a pipe in the rocking chair! He's watching you! 

Delicious Lion screen print poster psychedelic plaid mini

This poster is one of our most iconic images, or so we are told. And now you can get it in a smaller, but just as iconic, 12x16 format. 

Focus Mini print design art poster

"Focus" might simply be an optical illusion poster or it might be a useful daily reminder to stop wasting all your time on Reddit and get back to work.

mini prints postcard size art design delicious design league

Can't decide on just one poster? Walls already filled with 18x24 posters?

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