Detail of MGMT gig poster
Frog Prince Illustration
Man or Astro-man poster showing astronaut exploring barren alien planet

What is a Delicious Design League?

Simply put, we are a Chicago-based design studio specializing in illustration, web and print. Ok, so maybe that’s not so simple. But who we are is more important. Delicious Design League is a passionate group of people, creating the best work we can for our clients and ourselves. For us, “Just good enough” is never good enough.

Newest Releases

Arcade poster brewery beer art print silk screen print festus rotgut megamilk william wallace

Follow the Arcade Brewmaster as he journeys through haunted dungeons, traverses flame scorched platforms, and battles, um, a giant beer bottle(?), all to recover his stolen beers.

Rose and Rime poster House Theatre theater gig art print poster silk screen

Rose And The Rime is the story of Rose and her attempt to free her hometown from a curse of perpetual winter.

Season On The Line House theater theatre silk screen print art play moby dick

The House Theatre's Season on the Line took the characters and story of Herman Melville's Moby Dick and transforms it into the tale of a beleaguered theatre company putting on a production

Foxygen gig poster art print screen silk screen

Foxygen's two night residency at Lincoln Hall warranted something a little different: That difference turned out to be a 12x36 print of a tram, trailing an interconnected tail of dissolving ghosts.

Inspired by our nostalgia for the Polaroid instant film camera. This print tries to capture the aesthetic of the 80's when trapper keepers, banana clips,  and polaroid cameras were king.

The Gate is an artprint that tells the story of an ancient, skulled shaman that with the use of his twistted and blacked magical staff is calling forth a demon from another dimension in order to du

This is the very limited edition color way version of The Gate. The details of all nine layers really pop in this version and make it extra occultish.

Inspired by their latest album, "Evil Friends" this image is of a two faced frienemy - We've all got them in our lives.

Art crank bike cyclist poster art print green two clouds bike luv parts

For Art Crank 2014, we took the angled geometry of bikes and used that to tell the story of a knuckle-tattooed cyclist with a missing finger.

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