Detail of MGMT gig poster
Frog Prince Illustration
Man or Astro-man poster showing astronaut exploring barren alien planet

What is a Delicious Design League?

Simply put, we are a Chicago-based design studio specializing in illustration, web and print. Ok, so maybe that’s not so simple. But who we are is more important. Delicious Design League is a passionate group of people, creating the best work we can for our clients and ourselves. For us, “Just good enough” is never good enough.

Newest Releases


When asked to create a poster for M83's performance at Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, we wanted to create a spacious sci-fi narrative that captured the cinematic nature of the band's music.

Miike Snow IS the Jackalope. Here the Jackalope is wearing a monocle, because who doesn't enjoy a good monocle every now and then? This poster is for their show at Concord Music Hall.

This is on pearlescent paper with gold metallic ink, and a metal flake in the orange ink.


Tour poster for Tauk, who wanted an octopus as feisty and groovy as their music. Moiré Madness!

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros had us create a poster for a performance of their new album, "PersonA" at Old Town School of Folk Music.

The Hood Internet asked us to make a non-descript tour poster for all of the musicans who are out there fighting the good fight & always on tour.

The serpent has taken on many roles in art and mythology. Many groups would dance with snakes before releasing them into the fields to guarantee good crops for the coming season.

There are many famous animal rivalries in nature, such as the sperm whale v. giant squid, coyotee v. roadrunner, pepsi v. coke... but none more majestic than eagle & serpant.

Art director Nathan Allen and D.C. Comics artist Chris Burnham put together a 1980's style puzzle room for an immersive theater performance about nuclear warfare between the USA & USSR.

A commemorative print for the Mountain Goats performance in Portland, OR. Bleat your heart out.

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