FILM poster showing large eye wide with fear
Frog Prince Illustration
Phish poster astronaut with alien plant life
Belle & Sebastian poster boy and dog running to go and fish

What is a Delicious Design League?

Simply put, we are a Chicago-based design studio specializing in illustration, web and print. Ok, so maybe that’s not so simple. But who we are is more important. Delicious Design League is a passionate group of people, creating the best work we can for our clients and ourselves. For us, “Just good enough” is never good enough.

Newest Releases

Art crank bike cyclist poster art print green two clouds bike luv parts

For Art Crank 2014, we took the angled geometry of bikes and used that to tell the story of a knuckle-tattooed cyclist with a missing finger.

Ray LaMontagne asked us to design a poster for his new tour, in support of his new record, "Supernova", which has a decidely more 60's Psychedlic Pop sound to it - which is right up our alley.

Phantogram tour 2014 gig poster art print design illustration horse symmetry

Phantogram asked us to design their 2014 Spring Tour poster which is always fun to do for a band that has such a strong visual look.

Angel Olsen burglar thief jewel art print design illustration diamond cat

If Angel Olsen wasn't a killer singer/songwriter, perhaps she would be making a living as a succesful diamond thief? Of course there's no reason she couldn't be both!

The National Gig Poster Chicago art print magenta illustration design unravel head

Inspired by the disjointed photography on the cover of The National's 'Trouble Will Find Me', we designed our very own truncated head, unwinding to reveal a glowing magenta brain-orb.

Tokyo Police Club Poster Sci-Fi science fiction head with space city gig poster art print design

I want to travel to the future... begins a song of Tokyo Police Club's new album.

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