Galerie F

Specialists in gig posters, fine art prints, and street art. 

Galerie F is a Chicago based gallery focused on contextualizing printmaking and street art in the contemporary art world, one that promotes local and international artists to a wider, more diverse audience. In this way, the gallery's dedication to taking 2d art off the wall and into the real world served as inspiration for an iconic letter F logo mark that feels both clean and modern, but also true to the poster and street art scenes that the gallery was born in. Signs and business cards use a beveled die-cut shape to further tie in this theme, and we even printed a run of business cards on our very own test prints, making each one a unique piece of art on it's own. 

Galerie Front

Logo 1

Black Logo

Card 1

Card 2

4up Black

4up Color

Test Prints

Test Card

Test Card Detail

FU 2

FU 1